Circuit venues - what's in an opinion?

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Circuit venues - what's in an opinion?

Post by BigBobPilot » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:25 am

Opinions on circuits depend on a number of things:

Are you a spectator
  • How much of the track / action can you see?
    Can you get to the interesting / exciting parts of the track
    Is there a good P.A system for following the race
    Is the mobile phone data signal ok for following live streaming of times
    What are the facilities like
    Geographical location of the track
    Is there access to the paddocks
Are you a competitor
  • Is you car small & low powered, or big & high powered or somewhere in-between
    Does your natural style fit with the track, fast & flowing or tight & twisty
    The facilities do come in to it, but possibly to a lesser extent than for the spectators? Depending on your other half’s view-point too.
    Geographical location of the track – you may be prepared to travel for a great track, many people go to race at Spa-Francochamps every year. Or you may live close to somewhere so visit despite not loving the track
    Is there something that just does not suit your car
    Is there a lack of run-off that you don’t like
I’ll try to give a run through of tracks from my own viewpoint as a driver, but it would be great to have other drivers views and possibly more importantly for this forum, the views / opinions of spectators.

In general my preference is for fast sweeping bends, so this may taint my impression of circuits, others are different...


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Circuit venues - what's in an opinion?

Post by Nick » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:56 am


Interesting series. I have been lucky enough to drive most circuits, but not competed at many. The main observation is how tight race corners tend to be compared to the road, and how poor visibility is for drivers at some. I love to spectate at Donnington with it's good spectator points, but know how tricky a track it is to drive. Never found the right line through Craner Curves.

Silverstone complex is good for visibility, and the different lines drivers can use. For me Beckets is the place to watch fast cars.

Have been to /driven the Nurburgring which is scary, am going to Spa for the May Classic this year and I look forward to seeing Eu Rouge.


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