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MCC Newsletter

Post by scimjim » Fri May 22, 2015 8:38 pm

Steve sent me this MCC newsletter - with some advertising (highlighted) at the end :D

I've removed email addresses and phone numbers - PM Steve if you need them.

NEWS of the WEEK ending 23.05.2015

John Aley's Informal News & Chat for MCC Members

THIS WEEK: Please note we have had no suggestion of an application for the post of Clerk of the Course for the Exeter and as this is most important I am repeating the details from last week.

EXETER TRIAL: The 2016 Exeter Trial is in urgent need of a Clerk of the Course. Tim Whellock, who has been the trials stalwart Clerk-of-Course for many years, has retired The position is a very important part of the Exeter organisation. No C-o-C, no trial. The Clerk of the Course has overall responsibility for the general conduct and control of an event in accordance with the Regulations, Programme and Organising Permit. For any volunteer there is a wealth of support on offer from last year's team so the deep end will not be quite as terrifying as you might think. The post needs filling now as we need to start the organising of 2016 Exeter. If you are a member who does not compete, that's about half of our 700+ membership, please give due consideration to volunteering for this job. Again, no C-o-C, means no trial.
Contact Tim in the first instance should you feel you can take on this job. Tim can give you a detailed run-down of the responsibilities of the C-o-C.

TESTING TRIAL: Planning for this years Testing Trial on the 12th July is well under way and by the time NOTW reaches you, the regs will be online to download or enter online as you wish. As ever any successful event needs a small army of marshals and Nick Farmer will be more than happy to hear from anyone offering their services for the day.
Last year was Nick’s first as C-of-C and due to the fact nobody chewed his ears off after the event (His words!),things will be similar this year with just a few tweaks here and there to keep things interesting.

In case you are still in doubt about exactly how to do it, here are some finer instructions on how to enter the Testing Trial online
The online entries system is designed around the needs of the main three trials. Being smaller, the needs of the Testing Trial are much less but the system demands the needs of the big three.
The TT must have the following information:-
Name & Address
Vehicle Make & Model, CC’s and Year
Day and Evening Telephone Numbers
Insurance is not required, so say “No” to “Using the club Insurance?” then put an X in the Insurance Company Name box. (or any other mark that takes your fancy)
You must choose a class, B for solos, D/E for outfits,3 for Saloons and 5 or 8 for Open Cars.
The other Information is not important and you can fill in any blanks with N/A or just an X.
As the system remembers information, it would be wise to leave the information that would be correct for the main trials as it is so that its there for next time.
You must select Keinton Mandeville as your start point.
You cannot enter a team so say no to that question
You cannot run with anyone, so say no to that question.

SCATTER EVENT INFORMATION: Will all competitors please note a transcript error upon the Day Time Locations. Map Reference ST 515131 is to be found upon sheet 194 and not as quoted upon 184. A point some of you have realised – Thank you.

TRIUMPH BRAKING: Alan Ross Has an idea: Regarding a question in a recent NOTW about the lack of braking effect on a Triumph Adventurer front Brake. Well mine was exactly the same. Zero braking and with a very wooden after that comment I thought I would have a play with it. I found that that the leading and trailing edges on both shoes were exactly the same. So I cut off some of the lining material on the leading edges of both shoes. Wow what a difference It now stops as well as you could expect from such a puny brake and it has plenty of feel through the lever. I also changed the levers to one’s with a better leverage ratio. I used Amal ones instead of the standard Triumph issue.
I hope this helps the chap that wrote in .Im sorry I cant remember who it was. By the way ,Sorry I should have written sooner , but I would like to thank everybody from the from the New clerk of the Course down to every marshal / observer for a Fantastic Lands End .
I know it was a bit harder than usual as my results testify "or is that just bad riding" but my Fellow Southern Softies all agree we had a great time. Regarding the timing we finished exactly on time despite quite long delays at Cutliffe lane and Sutcombe . It is important not to make the timing too tight. It hardly seems fair to loose a medal through having a Puncture.

ATTENTION ALL SCIMITAR SS1 TRIAL CAR OWNERS:. The Reliant Sabre and Scimitar owners club has a free to use web site A log on name and password is required to view and pass comment on the forums. We have added a trials section on the forum for chat/events and other trialing matters. As more and more SS1's are now competing in trials Scimitarweb is ideal to pass on help or ask for advice on trailing Reliants Small Sports 1 (SS1)

TAILPIECE: Sorry for it being a bit short and scappy again but I have been unwell all the week and have just put it together in my more coherent periods and now I am off back to bed!

The Motor Cycling Club | West Bay | Bridport | Dorset | DT6 4HG | United Kingdom

Jim King


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