Changes to Website Menu

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Changes to Website Menu

Post by Ian » Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:29 pm

Hi All. After a rather long lay-off, for a combination of reasons I don't want to bore you with here, I have just got back to doing some work on ScimitarWeb.
I have not been keeping up with any issues that have arisen, so I apologise for the lack of support. The time I have available is rather limited so could I please ask the Admins to pass on only the most important issues that they can't resolve. And thank you to the Admins for not troubling me over the past months.

I am making some changes to the menu system for the parts of ScimitarWeb that are under the Homepage. Currently there is a secondary menu below the top advertising banner. All of these menu items are now going to be placed under the Home in the main blue menu in the site header. This will be gradual process and the current secondary menu will not disappear before the new menu is completed and proved to work OK. Later, the pages that the menu items link to will changed to new pages created in a new system.

This is all part of a rationalisation of the site to enable it to be maintained and developed by a number of people. I'm getting rid of all the bespoke server-side code that I wrote many years ago and that any future webmaster would be tearing their hair out over.

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Changes to Website Menu

Post by Old and Slow » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:44 pm

Your activity is greatly appreciated at least by me, a simple user.

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