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French registration latest

Post by DARK STAR » Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:25 pm

Having just done it, albeit with a Porsche rather than a Scimitar, I can bring you the good news on registering your foreign car in France. Incidentally this applies only to cars homologated in europe, it will still take you three months to wangle a Ford Mustang past the jobsworths. Basically a 'carte grise normale' or registration document now has the same simpler requirements as a 'carte grise de collection' (classic cars). At the same time they have lifted the restrictions on use of classic cars, so you have an open choice of 'carte grise'.
It's still quite complicated, but for anyone used to French ways there will be no difficulty!

A/ Make sure you have a bill of sale, you can always run one up on the computer. I couldn't find mine, typical, but they accepted the order I signed on the garage's stationery.
B/ Contact the manufacturer or other authority and ask for a 'certificat de conformité' This can be in any language, RSSOC can write a letter with a copy of the relevant pages from Don Pither's book.
C/ Go to your local Trésor Public and ask for a 'certificat d'acquisition'. They will ask you for most of the documents listed below. This service is, amazingly, free of charge.
D/ Arm yourself with the original registration document and go first for a 'contrôle technique' (MoT). The control is VERY 'technique' but older vehicles don't have to conform to more recent regulations.
E/ Take half a day and visit your local Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture with your dossier containing the above
Bill of Sale
Certificat de Conformité
Certificat d'acquisition
Foreign registration document
French 'contrôle technique'
Your passport or 'carte de séjour'
Utilities bill to justify your address
Your well-furnished credit card
You will need to fill in a 'demande de certificat d'immatriculation'

If necessary I can supply translations of French or English documents to help you fill this in!
You don't need an export certifi cate or anything complicated, just the registration document. Mine wasn't even in my name 'cos I'd just bought the car. You should be aware that all this costs money (especially if you have a Porsche!). I paid 180 euros for the 'certificat de conformité' and 850 euros for the 'carte grise' (well, it has got a pretty hologram on it). A Scimitar should be a bit less, a 3 litre 'carte grise' works out about 400 euros by comparison with the
Porsche's 5,4 litres. Oh and (illegal) black perspex number plates cost 160 euros, plus a 43 euro fine if you're stopped.

Good luck

Chris Johnson
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Re: French registration latest

Post by philhoward » Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:35 pm

I have a copy of the French CofC for the SS1 1600 and 1800Ti for those members who need it, with many thanks to the member who supplied it :wink:

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Re: French registration latest

Post by philipmasonfrance » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:15 am

Just picked this up. I have just helped a friend register her UK Ford Cougar here in France. I agree with everything Chris says, except that, having paid for a certificate of conformity, nobody wanted it! Moral? Wait until you're asked for it - unless of course you're getting it free. Also, you don't need to queue for hours at the Préfecture or wherever; just hand the whole dossier and the cheque in at the Mairie and they will send it off for you. The carte grise usually arrives within a fortnight.

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