Tools used on the Renovation:

Black and Decker Wizard
Parts Washer

The Black and Decker Wizard hi-speed tool

Black and Decker Wizard tool is great for crafts, hobbies, home repair and more. This variable speed rotary tool is ideal for engraving, cutting, polishing, grinding, carving and much more.

  • Adjustable speed up to 24,000 rpm and 25% more torque than other high speed rotary tools.
  • This is the electric model, with a hard carrying case and 8 accessories such as cutting and sanding discs and wheels.
  • Accepts Dremel and Craftsman Accessories
  • Available from Ensign Accessories

The most useful tool is the Fibreglass reinforced cut off discs

Homemade parts washer Parts Washer

Not being one to spend money unnecessarily I made this parts washer from on old central heating pump (supplied by Ian, thanks mate), a plastic container from Wilko's, 22mm and 15mm copper pipe and fittings then boxed it up with hardboard and mounted it on a 15mm Melamine board.

A Wilko's chip frying basket acts as a holder for smaller parts and there is a stainless steel grid in the bottom to keep the bigger parts out of the muck. The white fitting you can see in the top RH corner of the image is on of those push on type and it allows the short length of hosepipe to swivel whilst working.

Project Cost under 20 !