Hints and Tips for Renovations

Electrical Mechanical Workshop General
Labelling Wiring ~ none yet ~ Brake Spanners
Chain Wrench
Recording the Stripdown

Labelling Wiring How to identify wiring permanently.

The tie wraps are available from Maplin Electronics Part Number AY25C and are 1.99 per 100.

I have used over 120 to identify my SS1 so far

Recording the Strip down Logging every on a spreadsheet and tagging all the bags of parts and noting where you are storing them will saves hours of frustration later on !

Brake Line Flare Spanner Using a flare spanner to remove the pipe unions without damaging them. You will need 10/12mm, 13/14mm and a 15/17mm  spanners

Engine Mount Removal Using a chain wrench to remove the rubber engine mountings from the chassis

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