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 Reliant & Scimitar Personal Pages :


David Poole's Site David Poole's Site David's Site About Sporting Scimitars and Reliants
Chris Barker's Site Chris' site about his SE5
Gregor Steele's Site  Diamond Underdogs Gregor's new site SS1, Triumphs and a Skoda ?

Chris Burrows

Lot's of information and tips on maintenance of his A 1978 Scimitar GTE SE6a - Worth a look
Richard Edwards' Site

Personal site containing SE5a and Links to other Reliant Sites

Nigel Warner' Site Nigel's Car Pages

Personal site showing the restoration of a GTE SE5A and tips on repairs and maintenance

Dermot's Site Dermot's Family

Site containing SE5 and SE6 info

Erik's Scimitar Site Erik's Site Lots of info and pictures about Reliant made cars. Especially the Scimitar GTE. 
 Other Sites :  


Motors Reunited Find your old car or see if an ex-owner is tracing your car...
Classic Car Monthly Visit the site for the CMM Classic-fieds©, the News, the Diary, the Links, the Archives, and much more...
Phil Stott Motorsport Phil Stott is the man man behind the most successful classic and historic motorsport team in the UK.  Phil Stott Motorsport take part in many races, a few Anglo-American championship rounds, some FIA GT endurance races but mainly Group C revival. 
Motorpics.co.uk Web site of car images and Group 'C' sports cars, Sebring results etc. 
Sunbeam Rapier Owners club

Sunbeam Rapier

The club welcomes owners of all Sunbeam Rapiers, including the H120 (Holbay) and Alpine 'Fastback' variants. It is not necessary to own a Sunbeam Rapier to become a member of the club; they welcome enthusiasts and owners alike.
Gordon's Spitfire Site

77 Spitfire

Gordon Walker's site on restoring his Spitfire
AH Spares

Hints and tips about storing and servicing Healeys, but you may pick up some useful tips that could help with our Scimitars
MG TD Midget

Tips and techniques to restore and to keep cars in as new a condition as possible.

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