Repairing The Other Parts

This section covers the renovation of the remaining parts not covered by the Chassis, Body or engine pages.


Section A : Introduction
Section B : Suspension Parts
Section C : Braking System
Section D : Fuel System

A. - Introduction


Starting Point

Running in parallel with the chassis repairs I have been cleaning and inspecting the suspension, braking and other rolling chassis components.

I have placed an order with Graham Walker for all the rolling parts of the suspension and brakes etc.
I have stripped down the large assemblies into their component parts and inspected them to see what parts needed replacing and what parts just needed to be cleaned up and painted.

Using a scraper all the major fabrication assemblies have had most of the dirt cleaned off them.

Once this work has been completed I can then move my attention to other parts which will be needed to make the chassis rolling once more. These will include the differential, drive shafts, anti-roll bars and the steering rack. All of theses will be cleaned up, inspected and the appropriate action taken to resolve any problems found. I’ve ordered new gaiters for the drive shafts and the steering rack. I also have found a fellow SS1 owner who has some cheap drive shaft metal caps.


B. - Suspension Parts 



On inspection only the lower front wishbone bushes needed replacing, so 2 of these were extracted using a length of M12 threaded rod and a suitable length of large OD pipe and some thick washers. The other 2 were “helped out” as there was no where to locate the pipe against. This was achieved by first pulling out the inner steel tube from the bush, done by winding just the nut and a small washer through the bush. Then, by hacksawing through as much of the body of the bush as possible (without damaging the suspension arm) and by using a cold chisel the bush was turned in on itself which, when done from both ends, allowed the bush to be knocked through.

Here are the two bushes removed from the arm:

From left to right - The easy to remove bush, the outer of the cut bush and the inner of the cut bush

From left to right - The easy to remove bush, the outer of the cut bush and the inner of the cut bush

Close up of the cut bush

I intend to push the new bushes home (lubricated with Copper grease) before I sand blast and paint the arms. This way any damage to the body of the suspension arms can be rectified, and also the paint will not be damaged.


Front and Rear Hubs The front and rear wheel bearing have been removed from the hubs using a hydraulic press, not forgetting to remove the circlips first. The bearings are being changes as a matter of fact as they would mean quite a substantial strip down if they need doing on their own.

Sand blasted hub

After the hubs had been grit blasted I painted them with a two-pack epoxy primer taking care not not get too much paint on the mating surfaces that match up to the brake disc and also were the wheel fits on.

Any paint that got onto these areas I ground off using suitable tools from the B&D Wizard.


Differential The differential needs some new outer drive shaft seals, these are obtainable from Ford dealers. The differential cradle needs some work doing on it to tidy it up as well.


Fasteners All the fasteners are being replaced with Bright Zinc Plated high tensile bolts as required. These are being provided from a local fasteners company called Arkwell fasteners in Long Eaton. See the Suppliers page for full details.



C. - Braking System


Hydraulic Pipes

The brake lines are being bought from Vehicle Wiring Products in Ilkeston, these parts will be located on the chassis once it has been sand blasted and painted as detailed in the Repair the Chassis section.

The brake lines will be new throughout the car, Kunifer bundy tube will be used to make the new lines from. I have bought a flaring kit and bending tool to produce my own pipes, all the components are readily available from Vehicle Wiring products. The brake flexible pipe (6 in all) are being bought from Graham Walker, don't forget to order new nuts and crinkle washers at the same time. All the threads are 10mm x 1.00mm pitch

At the moment I think I’ll be using normal brake fluid, but I need some more advice on this. Silicon fluid, I'm told, could damage the seals in the master cylinder.

The rear drum brake cylinders are new and also I have bought some brand new front callipers for £50, these are 4 pot Lockheed items.

New front brake callipers

The rear drums need a slight skim out, Lenton Engineering will be undertaking this work.

Please see the later sections for more information on the braking system re-assembly

This concludes this section.

The next section deals with the rebuilding of the rolling chassis, a turning point in the project!