The Middlebridge Scimitar

Middlebridge News :

Staff Re-union planned for 18th May 2002

This is scheduled to take place on Saturday 18th May 2002 at the Plank and Leggit pub in Sawley near Long Eaton.  Please see the map.  It is planned to start around 11.00 am and go on through the afternoon.  From Midday onwards I am hoping that several Middlebridge owners will be coming along with their cars.

Please send me an e:Mail if you need any more information

The RSSOC are having a Middlebridge theme to their weekend at Drayton Manor Park, from where they will be travelling to the re-union on the Saturday. Please contact the club directly for details of this "Touring Assembly".

From 1988 to 1990 Middlebridge produced over 70 cars based on the Reliant Se6B model. These cars were manufactured at a small factory on Lilac Grove in Beeston, Nottingham

I was lucky enough to be a part of the team that worked at Lilac Grove hand crafting this little known car. I was the Design Office Manager and Head of Dealer support.

Since buying my SS1 I have come into contact with quite a few Middlebridge owners . They have been pleased to talk to someone who worked on the cars.

Please e:Mail me if you need any information on the Middlebridge cars, I'll try to help all I can.

If you used to work at Middlebridge please mail me, it would be good to have a reunion of all the staff, Phil Watchorn knows of several ex-employees and has talked about getting together. 


The Cover of the video


I recently re-discovered, this video shows about 20 of the cars being built at the factory in Beeston. All aspects of the build are shown from arrival of the body and chassis as they came from Reliant, through painting, assembly and testing. It lasts around 18 minutes.

This is a unique record of another fallen British motor manufacturer.

Please e:Mail me for more details.

I have specially designed a sleeve for the video.



Mark Beedham is trying to collate information on the marque to help owners and keep alive the interest in this car. He has been in contact with over 50% of the owners and would like to register the details of the others. Please contact Mark by e:Mail if you can help him.

Wiring Diagram Key

I have produced a  key to understand the codes used on the wiring diagram and identify the components shown, this has been done in excel.

This will be uploaded onto the  web site.

This link will take you direct to directory to the Wiring Diagram Key is stored. (you will need to be a member of the Yahoo! group.

E:Mail me if you would like a copy of the file.

Currently it is not 100% complete, we're working on it though.

Please let me know if you can help fill in any blanks or correct any errors.