Some of my earlier hobbies are illustrated here :

Here I am trying out the Minibike racing on a 43cc Standard Class Bike at Fazeley.

My brother Graham and I scratch built this off road buggy from parts. It was powered by a 250cc Honda "Red Rocket" motocross engine


Here is a display Model of a fireless steam locomotive that I built for chap retiring from Boots in Beeston . It's based on a one of a pair that ran around the Boots site in Beeston. One currently resides at the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley. The engines were filled up with steam from the power station on site and ran for a couple of days without needing to be refilled.

Each wagon represents a "Business Unit" at Boots

As close as 3 days modelling would allow !

This is a car my brother and I built for a friend's nephew in Leeds. It's based on the plans available from Real Life Toys. The car took 9 months to build off and on.


Plenty of man hours here.....

This is my kid's playhouse I built with my Dad :

Smudge, our cat :