Finishing Touches

This section covers the work needed to complete the restoration!


Section A : Wiper Blades
Section B : Front Number Plate
Section C : Mud flaps
Section D : Bulkhead Gutter
Section E : Renovating Rear Badge
Section F : Boot Carpet
Section G : Wheels & Tyres
Section H : Roof Top Rail

A. - Wiper Blades


Fitting the arms and blades

The wiper blades were treated to a light rub down and a coat of matt black paint.  The shorter cranked arm fits on the right hand side of the car as this allows the arm to lie parallel with the ‘A’ post when in its fully-up position.

I fitted some new 18” blades, the car came with 14” blades which looked too short.  Ian lent me an 18” blade to experiment with and it looked like this length would work, but I’m yet to test them on a wet day!


B. - Front Number Plate


Fitting the new plate

As the original plate was cracked and discoloured I bought a new one from a local motor factors.  After measuring up for the pilot holes I drilled the plate then positioned it on the front of the nose cone to pilot drill that as well.

The plate was then drilled out to 6mm and the nose cone to 9mm.  Two expanding M5 captive nuts were fitted into the 9mm holes and pulled up.  These expanding bolts can be pulled up with a gun as shown below or by using a flat spanner to hold them still whilst the screw is tightened.

After copper-grease had been applied to the threads 2 M5 x 25 stainless button heads fastened the plate onto the car.


C. - Mud flaps


Fitting the flaps

The SS1 did not have any mud flaps fitted when I bought the car.  It definitely needed some to protect the front of the sills as they are in a prime spot for stones, mud, road-spray etc coming off the front wheels. 

Cutting and shaping the flaps....

The front mud flaps extend the full width of the inner wing to protect the cross-tube on the chassis as well.  I also wanted to reduce the spray up the rear wings as well.

The flaps I fitted probably could be described as oversize.  The front ones measure 300mm deep x 500mm wide, the rear ones measure 300mm deep x 250mm wide.  I bought 1.5M of 300mm wide black polypropylene from Yorkshire Rally Spares.  The guys there are very helpful and sent the material by return post.  The mud flap material is as used on rally cars and is of a good quality.

I used paper templates to decide what size and shape to make the flaps.  As you can see below the front flaps are a simple shape with radiuses on the bottom corners. eMail me if you want a copy of the templates.

One front flap, note the second radius has not been added yet on the other bottom corner

The rear flaps are shaped to fit the inner wing and are chamfered on their outer top edges to improve their looks:

The rear flaps

The flaps were cut using a metal straight edge and a Stanley knife (using a new blade).  The radius was cut with a pair of large scissors.

Aluminium rivets and M5 stainless steel button heads were used to attach the mud flaps to the wings. Large OD washers were used to spread the load on the face of the flaps.  Two small rivets were used on each flap to secure them to the outer wing returns.  All the fasteners were then painted black to disguise them.



D. - Bulkhead Gutter


Fixing the gutter to the bulkhead

The bulkhead gutter was cleaned with Armourall.  The face that fits on the bulkhead was then rubbed down with a medium grade rubbing paper to act as a key for the double-sided self-adhesive neoprene strip.  The gutter was then affixed to the bulkhead ensuring that it was central.

The ends of the gutter were then sealed to the wing and the ‘A’ post so the water coming off the windscreen would be directed away from the engine bay and down to ground



E. - Renovating Rear Badge


Cleaning Up The Seats

The ‘SS1–1600’ rear boot badge was suffering being over polished by previous owners so I repainted it with bright silver as shown below:

Masking the badge off

Cutting out the letters

Rubbing the badge down

Applying the primer

Applying the top coat

The finished badge


F. - Boot Carpet


Fitting the new carpet

To improve the look of the boot, which although was in quite good condition, I decided to fit some dark grey cord carpet.  Using paper templates as a guide I fitted the carpet in the boot as you can see below.


G. - Wheels


Tidying up the wheels & Tyres

Funny how such a small thing can improve a car's looks. After the wheels were polished (they had been refurbished just before I bough the car) and the tyres 'blacked' the car looked a lot better. I used the spray tyre slik product for the rubber, it's a bit smelly but goes a good job. Here is one of the wheels after I'd finished work on it:


H. - Roof Top Rail


Painting the rail

The hood had worn the paint away form the top rail and an older hood had also worn two holes into the rail. With some fine body filler I filled up the holes and then painted the area the hood closes onto with satin black paint. Why black? Well this was so it would be easier to touch up when it wears through again, and I've not managed to find a good colour match yet.

Here's a photo of the rail being painted, an "after" shot will be published soon......

Next the MOT page, but I've not done this yet!