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Circuit venues - Cadwell Park

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:14 pm
by BigBobPilot
Cadwell Park

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A driver's view

Circuit map
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Circuit length - 3.54km / 2.2 miles

Cadwell Park is in Lincolnshire, near Louth. It's a little off the beaten track (i.e away from the main roads), but the roads are ok when towing a trailer. Also it's worth while making the effort to get there, as the track is a corker.

The pit straight is quite narrow, so there is not too much room for jostling for position off the start line. But once you are through Coppice, the first bend, the track widens out. On a flying lap, Coppice is a fast corner and you need to carry as much speed a possible, as the track climbs uphill to Charlies. It can be well worth sacrificing position in Coppice and running around the outside, as it then positions you on the inside for Charlies Bend.

Charlies is a long corner going through almost 180 degrees, the entry is uphill, the exit is downhill. There are a few lines you can take through here, so overtakes are possible, but may take a little setting up beforehand to get correctly lined up. The exit speed is fairly key, as it leads out on to the fast Park Straight, which initially drops down into a little valley, then climbs uphill to Park Corner / Chris Curves. If you are slow exiting Charlies, you can be vulnerable to attack either on the straight, or on the entry to Park Corner.

If you are defending in to Park Corner, it can be difficult to also to defend into Chris Curve too, as the track is still wide and the defending and attacking cars can take opposing lines. If you are in free space, one corner flows well in to the other; but Chris Curve does tighten on the exit and then continues round to the right as it starts to drop down hill again. The gradient and the curvature make the approach to the Gooseneck tricky.

The Gooseneck is a right / left that looks straight forward on the map, but the gradient steepens as you go through and the speed increases down the hill. With the tricky approach, which feels almost off-camber, there are cars that go grass-like cutting here.

Mansfield bend is at the bottom of the hill and if you turn in too early, you quickly run out of road on the exit. It's another corner, where exit speed is key, as there is another quick straight. However, once you reach the 1st left-hander of the entry to The Mountain, the nature of the track changes. From Coppice to here, it's a fast open circuit. From here on, it's narrow and twisty. There is little spectating on the open sections, but the viewing around The Mountain is good. It's also popular particularly with motorbike racing, as the bikes often get airborne at The Mountain.

The left / right approach is tight but slows you down for the steep short uphill to The Mountain, which is the crest of the rise. Although bikes can get airborne, in a car it just goes light and it's wise to briefly back off the throttle to avoid the transmission getting loaded up. There are plenty of spectators around here to see you if you get it wrong, as the cafe is right next to the track here.

Next up is a series of bends, Hall bends, again it's fairly narrow and you are likely to only be able to follow cars through. The bends do flow nicely into each other. However, if you get the entry to the first one wrong, it can get worse as you run through them, all the spectators are experts in your chosen lines too, as they are seeing everyone else's as a comparison.

Assuming all went well through Hall, Barn is the final corner. It's a 90 degree right hander. If you are following a car, you can set yourself up for trying a potential overtake on the pit straight, or in to Coppice. If you've got a car close up behind you, you've got to be prepared to stop them having a run on you. So exit speed on to the pit straight is useful, there's an extra little right-hand kink as you drop down the hill, which helps you defend too.

That's it, it's an intriguing mix of open fast circuit, and twisty narrow with more elevation change than you experience at most other UK circuits.

The paddock is a bit tight, the pits are tricky to get too if you want to take kit down there (a trolley / sack truck is useful for moving a tool box). You have to cross the circuit between The Mountain and Hall Bends (obviously only in-between races) and trek downhill to the pit lane. The pit lane itself is short and narrow. The circuit is owned by Jonathan Palmer's MSV, so the cafe is good, there's fuel available in the paddock and the track & surrounding grass paddocks are well kept.

Circuit venues - Cadwell Park

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:44 pm
by BigBobPilot
Here's a link to some photos, the 1st one on the link is the Sabre 6 going up the mountain. ... -PzBJW74/A

The Blue SE5 #89 is Howard & Matt Nelson's
The burgandy Sabre 6 #38 is John Devlin & David Hudson