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SE5 reverse lights

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 8:34 am
by scimjim
Lucas L595 as used on the e-type (without the Jag chrome housing it mounts on shown in the last picture) - also used on a Marcos (which is how I was led to this page copied below from and some models of Triumph Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, GT6 and even rarer - the standard 20 van :D

Reverse Lamp Assembly

The Lucas model 595 reversing lamp was commonly used by Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. Two variants were installed on the early E-type; part number 52570, which employed an amber lens to meet the requirements of the French market, and part number 52567 with a clear lens for everywhere else.
E515A9FC-A79E-4C4C-9073-0BE1AA0A02E4.jpeg (159.55 KiB) Viewed 931 times
The lens appears in at least three variants:
010B2D2B-5AA4-4510-860A-47C6F3C0455C.jpeg (268.72 KiB) Viewed 931 times
The lens on early cars says only LUCAS L595 across the top and MADE IN ENGLAND across the bottom:
55D24DD8-F732-4991-AB22-5A3CA6F87070.jpeg (211.57 KiB) Viewed 931 times
Later lenses had additional information inscribed on the left side. Uppermost was the capital letter A in a small square box. Below that, a round area inscribed with the E11 EEC logo dating it to post 1973 production. And at the bottom appears the number 7319:
1DE41BDE-31F8-4162-A616-D325DA49FDC4.jpeg (296.08 KiB) Viewed 931 times
The third version is likely what you would receive if you bought a reproduction or even a boxed OEM lens on eBay. It is additionally marked on the right side SAE RP 70 (USA certificate) and the E11 logo indicating it was made after 1973:
C8B0B982-6A1E-4F0F-81FD-FF11D2B80C1E.jpeg (281.45 KiB) Viewed 931 times
The lamp body is stamped in the same manner as the lens:
30E58004-F0B1-45FA-8AB5-6B55E4F0DDCF.jpeg (250.54 KiB) Viewed 931 times
The only lens which should be on the S1 E-Type will be the one with 'Lucas L595' and 'Made in England' markings. All others post date the car production. Concours entrants please note!

The body is date stamped on the right. In this case, 9/61:
FF0D5EE2-5D33-4613-9FFB-FA946FC3D9EA.jpeg (367.89 KiB) Viewed 931 times
The lamp body on early cars was Jaguar part number 8720 and Lucas part number 54570992. It is distinguishable by the single green/brown wire and external female bullet connector for the earthing lead.
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The single wire and cable entry grommet 8719 is verified in figure 48 on page 307 of J30:
B32D50F5-1CED-4E0F-BC12-0D5FC92BC667.jpeg (92.22 KiB) Viewed 931 times
Interestingly, the 1961 Lucas catalog for Jaguar, whilst ending with a four page supplemental listing of parts for the new E-type, makes no mention whatever of the reversing lamp assembly. However, the relevant section of the 1962 catalog, excerpted above, shows the body part number as 54573143. And the body pictured clearly has two leads, supply and earth, within a sleeve. As well, the cable entry grommet has been deleted. So at some point in 1962 cars were fitted with this updated version.

A rubber gasket (8717) seals the body to the housing, while gasket 8716 seals the lens to the body. This gasket is often omitted from restoration rubber kits, but is available from XKs Unlimited:
0A137CA0-F3B5-41BF-9DDB-4E954B543AA5.jpeg (296.73 KiB) Viewed 931 times
The body is secured to the housing with two screws (UFS.419/3H) and shakeproof washers (C.723.A). The two screws securing the lens and ring to the body (8718) carry Lucas part number 54111011 and are chrome plated:
640F5484-5442-4224-B7F5-C32301AE20D7.jpeg (396.84 KiB) Viewed 931 times
Two small rubber washers (6524) seal the lens screws. These are identical to the washers used to seal the front and rear signal/brake lens securing screws and equally essential. Many cars have cracked reversing lenses, likely because these rubber washers perished or went missing when the lamp failed and was replaced. As posted elsewhere, the washers are M4 9mmx4mmx1.5mm, available here: ... herm4.html
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The restored reversing lamp and housing:
9C77B7A1-8DF2-4458-BB16-0DCC1E6887E7.jpeg (286.4 KiB) Viewed 931 times
Dating the Lens - David added:

The lens markings indicate beginning of production. E11 means the lens complies with Economic Commission for Europe regulations (E) and belongs to the UK (11). These regulations were applied after the UK joined the EEC on 1 January 1973. The lens with SAE North American markings (Society of Automotive and Aerospace Engineers) has RL (reverse lens) and 70 (year the regulation applied from) - in this case 1970. So the SAE RL70 lens would not have been introduced before 1970 and the E11 lens would not have been introduced before 1973. Therefore the only correct Factory Fit lens would be the one with only 'Lucas L595' and 'Made in England' markings.
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You can find information on the lens codes here: ... codes.html