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Easily replace alternator belt Essex PAS

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:44 am
by ard126k
Ever since I had to do it on a rainy day I've been annoyed that replacing the alternator belt on an Essex engine fitted with a PAS pump means removing the PAS belt. So when I was changing the cam drive on mine I had a brainwave. With both belts off I placed a new alternator belt on the front engine cover, starting on the tray behind the radiator then running up round the water pump, across the front cover to a convenient bolt, and back to beginning, making sure it was clear of all the spinny bits. Only held with wire ATM until I find some suitable P-clips.
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Now if the alternator belt breaks out in the wilds the new one can just be set on the pulleys and tensioned. And another spare one put on back at base (if I remember!)