Heater removal SE5

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Heater removal SE5

Post by ard126k » Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:22 pm

It's been a while since I did this, so no pictures, but this is from my notes at the time-

You need access from above and below, so the car needs to be on ramps. You don't need to drain the coolant unless you are going to remove the matrix but IMHO once the heater's out it's silly not to - see why below!

Inside, take away the dash top and undo the switch panel.

Underneath - Loosen (no need to undo completely) a bolt each side of the heater, beside the hoses. These go into captive nuts which can come loose, if that happens you'll find the nuts inside the car, behind the switch panel.
Remove control cable under the heater.

Engineroom - Take off panel covering the heater. Loosen the clips on the footwell vent tubes either side and pull them off from inside the car.
Remove a bolt either side at the top of the heater. Hard to find unless your head is at about the same level!
Remove fan wires, noting the colours which (on mine) were different on the loom and the fan.
The heater should now be free, remove it by pushing down then lifting up towards the offside.

To remove the matrix
Undo the hoses and lift the matrix out. You will find the chamber behind crammed full of leaves and other stuff which has dropped inside over time and which blocks the flow of air to the fan if it doesn't jam it completely. Clearing this out is the best single thing to improve heater performance.

As usual refit in reverse order, taking care that the control cable ends up in the correct place. Lightly tighten the lower two bolts until the heater's roughly in the right place then replace the top bolts, then tighten the lower ones.

I made some collars for the footwell vents to block potential draughts/fumes coming in around them.

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