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Free - Formula Renault Michelin competion slick tyres

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:56 pm
by BigBobPilot
I have a set of Michelin Formula Renault slicks:

1 pair of fronts 20/54 x 13 mediums (S412) fit on 8" or 9" wide rims (My slicks are on 9" as specified by Michelin, but my wets (same tyre with cut tread) are on 8")
1 pair of rear 24/57 x 13 medium (S412) fit on 10" wide rims

These are free to anyone who wants them, I thought I would offer them up rather than just scrapping them. I used them whilst building my SS1 race car to work around for set-up & size. I also used them on my Curborough shake-down test, where the grip was ok. One of the rears has cracking in the side wall, the other rear & the fronts would be ok to use. I’m offering them up in case anyone want to try slicks for size, I’m not really suggesting they are a prospect for serious competition use, but if you want them, you can make your own mind up. I don't know the age, but there is gauge depth left to use (I've not measured them). I think Nick Keyser has used the front size on both front & rear, so that the serious rear wing mods that I have done are not required.

I’m not going to be at Curborough through the day on either the Saturday or Sunday, but if someone wants them, I can drop them off on Saturday evening as I will be passing fairly close-by. Alternatively they can be collected from Warwickshire, or transport arranged via intermediaries, but I don't really want to post them.
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Rear tyre with cracks in sidewall
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Free - Formula Renault Michelin competion slick tyres

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:32 pm
by Ollieoldbeard
Hello, I don't really get those size ratings, can they be converted to normal sizes ?
(I've got wide 14" rims that are hard to get tyre's for )

Free - Formula Renault Michelin competion slick tyres

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:26 pm
by BigBobPilot
That is the normal sizing for competion tyres, here you go: ... ec_diam=13

If you need a road tyre converter: