SS1 Turbo For Sale

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SS1 Turbo For Sale

Post by Oaksey » Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:13 pm

1987 Reliant Scimitar SS1 Turbo.
The example is in excellent condition and and is so good that this is the second time I've owned it. There are some imperfections all round the car but it's certainly in the top 10% of examples left and mechanically one of the very best.
Here is a rough list of the current spec:
MOT until April 2020
Turbo Technics uprated roller bearing T25 Turbo
Uprated wastegate spring to allow more boost
Custom made elbow in stainless by JP Exhausts to suit new turbo
Autosprint hi lift camshaft
Starter motor replaced
Engine was apart 2 years ago, all shells, rings, bores and crank good. Head was decoked, pressure tested and skimmed.
All cooling hoses and clips replaced
New stainless steel exhaust system
New engine mounts
New fuel pump

Later gearbox for improved gearshift
Uprated clutch to handle more power
New gearbox mount
Filled with racing shock proof gearbox oil
Diff replaced due to old one whining

Suspension and brakes:
Rebuilt brake master cylinder and servo
Brake calipers have had new pistons, seals and bleed nipples fitted
Uprated vented brake discs up front
Rear shoes and fitting kit replaced
New brake hoses all round and new solid brake pipes at the rear
Strengthened front upper wishbones (common weak point)
Ball joints, steering gaiters, front ARB droplinks and track rod ends replaced 2 years ago
Spax adjustable shocks on the front and AVO at the rear
New rear shock bushes fitted
Strengthened trailing arms (another weak point)
Rose joint rear ARB droplinks

Full grey leather seats
Grey powder coated roll bar
Door hinge pins replaced
Boot hinges replaced
New old stock instrument binnacle (hence the low milage reading)
New Continental tyres 2 years ago
New old stock gear knob fitted
Electric windows (NS regulator replaced)
New headlamp switch
Uprated headlamp bulbs
Fuel lines all replaced recently (a must on SS1s)
New speedo cable
Good condition quarter light frames (common rusting area)
Mohair hood and vinyl covered hardtop
Sills stripped back, treated with Zinga and gloss black paint
Rear armature removed, Zingad and painted black
Front inner wings painted gloss black
Bulkhead painted gloss black
Nose cone, headlamp panel, driver's door and rear deck stripped, repaired and resprayed
Every body panel removed, cleaned, polished etc
All body panels refitted with stainless fasteners
Heater snail, air filter box, fusebox bracket bonnet stay, wheel brace and jack handle powder coated black
Fuseboxes cleaned as well as all wiring plugs under there and loom rewrapped
Rear lights taken apart and restored
Wiring loom for rear lights unwrapped, checked, new ends fitted where required and rewrapped
New number plate lights due to old ones being too corroded
New auxiliary lamps up front
NOS OS side/indicator unit
Drivers side exterior mirror repainted
Drivers side door handle and lock rebuilt and painted

Forum special £3,750 before it goes on the bay
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SS1 Turbo For Sale

Post by Scimher » Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:30 pm

Blimey! Wish I'd got the dosh, Josh!.......(I'm a poet & don't I know it... :mrgreen: ) If only you'd swap it for a Honda Civic Sport that I cannot afford to insure - because I have no 'no claims' to produce.... :roll: I envy the person who will be snapping your hand off....

Dave 6726
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SS1 Turbo For Sale

Post by Dave 6726 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:53 am

This is the third time..... I'm STILL waiting for a couple of legacies to pay up...………. :roll:


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