Stainless steel front grill for all GTE/C/Middlebridges

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Stainless steel front grill for all GTE/C/Middlebridges

Post by scimitar70 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:22 pm

If you've checked your radiator grill recently and thought about how much protection rust offers in the event of a stone or bird hitting it at 70 mph, I have a limited stock of stainless steel radiator grills.
These are priced at £23 plus £7 p&p, which is a lot less the a re-cored rad or sorting out a heat damaged engine!!
They are made of woven stainless steel which is diamond cut so that it looks more like the original Expamet galvanised ones.
They will be delivered flat, so you will need to bend them to fit yourself, but its only one rounded length ways bend so shouldn't present a problem.
Phone or email me if you are interested. You can find my details as noggin secretary for Nots & Lincs in Slice

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