Scimitar Type approval document

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Scimitar Type approval document

Post by haustrup » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:03 am

Hi everyone and greetings from Denmark.

I would kindly ask if the official type approval documents are available for our cars, specifically I'm interested in the SE6A, SE6B and SE8(GTC) models.

Yesterday I joined a Lotus Club meeting where a discussion of RHD/LHD versions were on the table regarding to our taxation system - caused by different infomations given by different people within the official taxing system - as some claim that a conversion from RHD to LHD is a fundamental change to the car, with the consequence that a complete new tax procedure should be started (with no refund for the present taxation given, meaning double tax to pay, which can be a lot, as we have very high car taxes even for older cars).

Our Tax authorities has been through a fundamental administrative change, and even if the law and rules are the same, new interpretations has come to light with some extreme consequences - some american car owner has been met with costly demands, just because they have changed the standard wheels slightly, or have changed the paint to metallic - because it's a different car from when it was built, they claim!!!

It seems as, at least for some Lotus models, that the type approval document is given for both versions, meaning that both versions will be be accepted as originals, even if they are converted later on.

This is the reason for my question- how was the Scimitars approved originally - one document for both versions or two or separate documents - and has anyone a copy og these?

However, one good thing can be mentioned to the relocation changes. During the relocation of regional offices to a central office a file cabinet containing was lost!!!!! This means that vital informations from before digitization has been lost, so I don't think that Danish cars, registered before that date, will have problems - but newer might.

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Scimitar Type approval document

Post by erikscimitardemon » Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:42 pm

haustrup wrote:
Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:03 am
as some claim that a conversion from RHD to LHD is a fundamental change to the car,
That is a very big claim. On a Scimitar it is only a few changes to the body and removable / changeable parts.

In that case a power steering converion would also affect type approval. :w

Erik Hofman

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